• Excellent persistence
  • Reliable drought tolerance
  • High winter and spring production


FLECHA tall fescue is a highly winter-active Mediterranean-type fescue. It is extremely drought tolerant and persistent.

FLECHA becomes dormant during hot, dry summers, but recovers quickly in autumn, winter and spring. For these reasons it is ideally suited to regions with consistently dry and hot summers, where persistent pastures are required.

FLECHA is a viable alternative to phalaris, lucerne or cocksfoot and will complement these species on the same farm. Planting an area of your farm in FLECHA will enhance your ability to feed animals in winter and late-spring and avoid the animal health and toxicity problems associated with too much phalaris or Lucerne on a farm.

Product Specifications

Heading date: Mid-late
Endophyte options: Nil
Sowing rate: 12-20 kg/ha with clovers and herbs
When to sow: Autumn, spring
Prime growing times: Autumn, winter, spring
Leaf size: Fine - Medium
Best grazing practice: Rotational grazing
Sow with: Tribute white clover
Nomad white clover
Tonic plantain
Choice chicory
Relish red clover