• Productive under dairy, beef and sheep management
  • Crown rust tolerance
  • Available with AR1 & AR37* endophytes
  • Strong establisher

SAMSON is an ideal general-purpose perennial ryegrass due to its low stem production in late-spring and summer, and strong summer and autumn dry matter production. It excels under sheep and beef grazing. It is one of the most widely-tested AR1 varieties available. SAMSON is also available with the new endophyte AR37, which offers improved resistance to insects (e.g. Black Beetle, Root Aphid, Pasture Mealy Bug).

SAMSON performs well in drier environments and exhibits strong tolerance to Crown Rust. This ensures quality of growth on offer. It is an ideal pasture for use in irrigated or spring/summer rainfall areas. SAMSON was bred for persistence, production and disease tolerance.

Animal Health:Although AR37 does not produce Lolitrem B it can cause ryegrass staggers. Trials have shown that on average the frequency, duration and severity of ryegrass staggers is less than for standard endophyte. However on occasions, sheep (and potentially other animals) grazing AR37 ryegrass may be severely affected. After many years of use, ryegrass staggers have not been observed in dairy cows on-farm to date. AR37 varieties should not be used on properties grazing either deer or horses. For more information on animal health and production information please visit

Product Specifications

Ploidy: Diploid
Heading Date: Mid
Endophyte options: AR1, AR37, standard endophyte
Sowing rate: 18-20 kg/ha with clovers and herbs
When to sow: Autumn and spring
Prime growing times: Summer, Autumn and Winter
Acid tolerance: Very high
Best grazing practice: Rotational grazing
Sow with:

Tribute white clover
Nomad white clover
Mainstay white clover
Tonic plantain
Choice chicory
Relish red clover