Choice Chicory

  • High summer DM production
  • Perennial herb with persistence of 3-4 years
  • Improved cool season growth
  • Selected for lower lactucin levels
  • Ideal for long-term ‘finishing’ pastures

Choice is a perennial herb with a deep tap root, high forage quality and high warm-season pasture growth. Choice chicory has been proven on farms and in trials to improve production both per animal and per hectare in sheep, beef and dairy systems.

The deep (1.5-2 metres) tap-rooted nature of Choice chicory can result in consistent growth rates and forage quality, even during hot or dry periods. Choice chicory is relatively inexpensive to establish compared with ryegrass/clover pastures. Choice chicory can be added to new grass pasture mixes (e.g. 2 kg/ha) to boost animal performance and feed production.

Product Specifications

Ploidy: Diploid
Perenniality: Perennial
Sowing Rate: 4-6 kg/ha in a pure stand
1-2 kg/ha in a mixed sward
When to Sow: Spring, early autumn
Growth habit: Semi erect, uniform leaf
Best grazing practice: Rotational grazing
Sow with: Tribute white clover
Nomad white clover
Tonic plantain
Relish red clover

CHOICE is ideally suited to all grazing enterprises due to its consistent year round production. Grasslands Choice was bred in New Zealand by AgResearch Grasslands, the breeders of the original forage chicory, Grasslands Puna. Choice was bred from true perennial chicory parents under grazing evaluations, and selected for high dry matter production, improved cool season growth, reduced lactucin levels, and improved persistence. It has performed very well in trials, exhibiting good growth and persistence compared with other cultivars.

Choice is recommended for all situations where chicory is used. Chicory has proven to be an exceptional pasture plant for animal performance and feed quality. Growth of sheep, deer and cattle is close to the maximum possible on grazed pastures. Grazing chicory also boosts milk production in dairy cows, and Choice is particularly suited as it has lower lactucin levels than other cultivars.

It has positive benefits to animal health. It is high in minerals essential for animal growth, and its deep roots extract nutrients from sub soil that other pastures cannot.

Chicory is very productive over spring, summer and autumn, and dormant or semidormant in mid-winter depending on the region it is in when it is being grown. It is also one of the most drought tolerant plants available.