• New breeding release from Florimond Desprez
  • True mono-germ cultivar
  • High drymatter percentage (16-20%)
  • Approximately 40-50% of bulb above ground
  • Very good resistance to bolting
  • Above ground colour: red

Fodder beet forage systems provide a flexible, high quality feed option which have the potential to deliver high yields in autumn, winter and early spring with inherently high rates of utilisation by livestock. Many different livestock systems can benefit from the inclusion of fodder beet.

Successful farm system outcomes from grazing fodder beet rely on appropriate grazing management which minimises the risk of animal health and production issues. This includes a suitable diet plan and a well planned and executed transition phase with appropriate choices around supplement use.

RIMBAMBELLE is a new breeding release from Florimond Desprez, with a red tankard shaped bulb, and green petioles and leaves. 


Product specifications

Suggested sowing time: Late September to early November 
Suggested sowing rate (seeds/ha):  80,000 grazing
100, 000 lifting
(Precision sown)
Time to first grazing: Anytime after all herbicide grazing withholding periods are met.
Typically 24-28 weeks to reach yield potential
Number of potential grazings:   1
Potential yield (t DM/ha):  Average = 18-22
Top = 30+
 Bulb DM %  16-20%
 Seed type  True mono-germ
 In-situ Grazing:  Very good option
 Mechanical Harvesting:  May be lifted