• Rapid establishing, persistent, drought-tolerant dryland species Valuable autumn-winter production
  • High quality and leafy in summer
  • High production levels with strong response to improved soil fertility
  • Excellent compatibility in mixes with other pasture species - non aggressive


KARA is a very user-friendly cocksfoot, with good winter growth and production during dry periods. The upright, non-aggressive nature makes it ideally compatible with ryegrass, legumes and herbs.

KARA captures the opportunity for cool-season production in summer-dry farming systems. It also shows excellent resistance to stem and leaf rust. Frequent rotational grazing or managed set stocking will allow for a productive, palatable and endophyte-free pasture.

KARA is best used as a component of a perennial pasture mix. It will provide important dry matter production during dry periods and in cooler months. KARA has been productively managed as the sole grass species in areas where perennial ryegrass has failed to persist.

Product Specifications

Heading date: Late
Sowing Rate: 6-8 kg/ha in a pure stand
2 kg/ha in a mixed sward
When to Sow: Autumn and spring
Prime growing times: Autumn, winter and spring
Leaf size: Fine-medium
Best grazing practice: Rotational grazing
Sow with: Tribute white clover
Nomad white clover
Tonic plantain
Choice chicory
Relish red clover