• Bred in New South Wales
  • Medium-large leaf with good overall yield
  • Strong summer performance
  • Enhanced tolerance of summer moisture stress

TROPHY is suited to perennial ryegrass pastures on the tablelands, irrigated and coastal regions. TROPHY is also suitable for summer-active tall fescue pastures on the tablelands as well as all irrigated farms. TROPHY is the latest generation white clover from the joint NSW Agriculture and AgResearch breeding programme in Northern NSW.

TROPHY is a clover with strong summer performance and improved overall yield. It has been bred to be adapted to a wide range of Australian climates, and to persist under common grazing practices. TROPHY has shown superior performance in trials from NSW to Victoria.

Product Specifications

Perenniality: Perennial
Leaf size: Medium-large

Sowing Rate of Uncoated Seed: 2-4 kg/ha when sowing with grasses and other clovers
Stolon Density:  High
Growth Habit: Compact. Leafy
Grazing Management: Suits all grazing regimes.  ideally suits rotational grazing