• Replacement for Prestige white clover
  • Small to medium leaved white clover
  • Strong performance under dryland sheep grazing
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Great persistent white clover
  • Should be included in all dryland mixes

NOMAD is a small to medium leaved white clover particularly suited to Australian conditions and is recommended as a base component for white clover blends. NOMAD was selected for increased persistence, especially in dry environments. Its greater stolon density enables NOMAD to persist in areas prone to low summer soil moisture levels.

NOMAD grows mostly in spring, summer and autumn. Suited to a wide range of soils, NOMAD can be relatively tolerant of acidic soils. NOMAD has high nutritive value and being a persistent type white clover it can tolerate some heavy grazing.

Product Specifications

Perenniality: Perennial
Leaf size: Small - Medium
Sowing Rate of Uncoated Seed: 3-5kg/ha alone, 1-3kg/ha mix
Stolon Density: High
Growth Habit: Dense, spreading
Grazing Management: Suits all grazing regimes