• Large leaf white clover
  • High stolon density
  • High drymatter production
  • An extremely persistent large leaf type in white clover environments
  • Primary clover for dairy and beef systems

MAINSTAY is a large-leaved, high producing white clover ideally suited to hig-yeilding grass pastures, including dairy and beef farming systems.

MAINSTAY white clover is a new generation release from AgResearch's white clover breeding program in New Zealand which has preformed well in Australian trials. MAINSTAY has set a new benchmark for drymatter production for a large leaf white clver showing a robust persistent nature under rotational cattle and dairy grazing systems.


Product Specifications

Perenniality: Perennial
Leaf size: Large
Sowing Rate: 4-6kg/ha mix
Stolon Density: High
Growth Habit: Dense, spreading
Grazing Management: Rotational