• Bred for increased persistency
  • High annual dry matter production — of high protein content
  • Long seasonal spread of growth
  • Excellent animal performance — endophyte free
  • Quality autumn-winter feed
  • Highly palatable — even in seedhead stage

ATOM is an alternative short rotation option for high quality feed requirements. The nil-endophyte feed, palatable seedhead, the potentially high legume and herb content, and summer heat tolerance is a perfect fit for summer finishing of young stock.

The breeding programme for ATOM aimed to increase the tiller density, over other prairie grasses, making it more tolerant of closer grazing, with improved persistence.

ATOM performs best on well drained, fertile soils. Avoid sowing into soils that become water-logged, have a low pH level or have a known aluminium problem. ATOM produces well in soils with acceptable pH levels.

Product Specifications

Ploidy: Diploid
Heading date: Mid
Sowing Rate: 33-55 kg/ha dairy
25-30 kg/ha other pastures
Endophyte Options Nill
Prime growing times: Autumn, winter and spring
Best grazing practice:

Frequent rotational,managed set stocking

Sow with: Tribute white clover
Nomad white clover
Tonic plantain
Choice chicory
Relish red clover