• Strong autumn-winter growth
  • Persistent and tolerant to hard grazing
  • Rapid recovery from grazing
  • Very good drought tolerance
  • Tolerant of set stocking
  • Outstanding animal performance
  • No risk of endophyte-related stock health problems

GALA is a valuable persistent dryland species - its value coming from its survivability under frequent set stocking conditions, summer dry events, and tolerance to the many pests and diseases in these environments.

It is recommended for early-autumn or spring sowing as a special purpose pasture.

GALA can be sown at any time provided soil temperatures remain above 10oC until the plant s root system is successfully established. GALA performs best on well drained, fertile soils. Avoid sowing into soils that become water-logged, or have a pH level of lower than 5.5. GALA is well suited to dryland conditions.

When compared to traditional pasture, GALA is recognised for the quantity and quality of production, particularly during the cooler months and throughout prolonged dry periods. GALA is best suited to frequent rotational or continuous grazing. Due to the densely tillered nature and vegetative growth habit, it is recommended that GALA does not exceed 15 cm in height without being grazed. GALA should never be considered for making into supplementary feed.

Gala is more tolerant of harsher conditions including moisture stress, low fertility and over-grazing.

Product Specifications

Ploidy: Diploid
Heading date: Mid
Sowing Rate: 25 kg/ha
Endophyte Options Nill
Prime growing times: Autumn, winter and spring
Best grazing practice:

Close grazing

Sow with: Tribute white clover
Nomad white clover
Tonic plantain
Choice chicory
Relish red clover