Prairie Grass

Prairie grass

Prairie grass is a large-leaved, large tillered short-lived perennial suitable for specialist 2-4 year high quality, endophyte-free pasture and as a supplementary feed option.Prairie grass will be most productive in fertile, free-draining soils with a pH above 5.5. It will not tolerate waterlogged conditions, pugging or soil acidity. Generally moisture exceeding 850 mm is required.

Grazing Brome

grazing brome

Bromus stamineus Desv - Grazing brome is a perennial grass, closely related to prairie grass, but with a denser habit of fine tillers ensuring persistence under harsher climatic and grazing conditions. The strong cool season production suits well-drained soils in areas of average minimum 600 mm rainfall.Grazing brome should be sown at no less than 25-30 kg/ha at a depth of 5-15 mm.