Australian Purple Top

  • Selected for improved Diamondback Moth tolerance
  • 12-14 weeks to mature, summer turnip
  • Increased tolerance to drought
  • Certified alternative to Mammoth Purple Top turnip

Australian Purple Top is a Victorian selection from the reliable English-bred Mammoth Purple Top turnip. As its name suggests, Australian Purple Top is a purple top/white base, bulb-type turnip used traditionally in hard, drier regions, for summer feed. The key advances of this variety is the selection for improved drought and Diamondback Moth tolerance.

Product Specifications

Suggested sowing time: September to January
Suggested sowing rate alone: 1-2 kg/ha
Time of first time grazings: 12 to 14 weeks
Number of grazing: 1
Potential yield
(depending on number of grazings)
upto 10 t/ha