• Early maturing, 6-8 weeks, minimal ripening requirement
  • Excellent quality and forage yields in fertile, moist conditions
  • Excellent quality forage for finishing stock
  • Fast recovery from grazing with excellent subsequent yields, given moisture
  • Strong plant survival following multiple grazings
  • Low proportion of bolting plants from a mid-late spring sowing
  • Tolerates Turnip Mosaic Virus and Cauliflower Mosaic Virus attack

Hunter is a quick-growing, leafy turnip, with minimal bulb development, it is best suited to multiple grazings for summer and early-autumn feed requirements.

Hunter is a fast maturing forage brassica with the first grazing possible at 6-8 weeks.

Hunter is an excellent quality forage capable of providing extremely high liveweight gain on animals. Hunter was bred for tolerance to turnip mosaic virus and cauliflower mosaic virus. This, combined with selecting for vigorous regrowth, has provided a variety with fast recovery from grazing and excellent ability to yield in the second, third and sometimes fourth regrowth cycle. Plants usually show good resistance to most clubroot races, but they are susceptible to drought and aphids, and are best suited to heavier soil conditions with periodic summer moisture or irrigation.

Product Specifications

 Suggested sowing time: September to April given moisture
 Suggested sowing rate alone: 4 kg/ha
 Number of grazings: 2 to 4 

 Potential yield
(depending on number of grazings)

Up to 10 t/ha
 Sow with: Choice chicory
Tonic plantain