Halo provides optimum quality all year round

Halo perennial ryegrass was bred by combining the best tetraploid perennial ryegrass genetics, with the majority originating from north-west Spain. This provides Halo with strong winter growth, summer production and persistence in summer moist/irrigated regions.

Halo was the first tetraploid perennial ryegrass available with AR37* endophyte. This combination allows farmers to choose a ryegrass which will have resistance to four key insects improving persistence in many environments. Halo with AR37 endophyte will survive and produce better than many cultivars where there is insect pressure, especially from Black Beetle, Pasture Mealy Bug, Root Aphid and Argentine Stem Weevil. As with any tetraploid ryegrass, persistence may be compromised through repeated close grazings in droughts, or pugging damage.

Halo is recommended for dairy and beef farms that are requiring high animal productivity. Halo should be used where farmers require maximum performance from a perennial, tetraploid pasture. It can be used in all regions, but longevity and production will be optimised in areas with good summer rainfall or irrigation, on soils with good soil fertility and drainage.

For further information on AR37, including animal health and production information visit www.ar37.com.au or contact  your Agricom territory manager.