Why buy Certified Seeds?

Buying certified seed is an investment. It ensures that the bag of seed is what you think it is and are paying for.

The certification programme includes:

  • An industry-accredited testing regime.
  • An effective and efficient tracking system for seed purity and germination from the seed growers paddock to the market.
  • Availability of the seed analysis certificate for your inspection.
  • Use certified seed as it is true to type and meets strict standards including purity and germination.
  • Every time certified seed is purchased you are making an investment in quality.

Australian Seed Federation (ASF) Code of Practice

Agricom and its distributors adhere with the ASF code of practice. This code strives to ensure that consumers are provided with consistent and accurate information to enable them to make informed decisions about the suitability of seed for sowing. This Code also acknowledges intellectual property rights and obliges ASF members to adhere to the provisions of the Plant Breeders Rights Act (1994) and the Patents Act 1990 in respect to marketing of material covered by the legislation.

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